Labtech Diagnostics introduces Quantose

Labtech Diagnostics introduces Quantose™ IR & IGT tests. Quantose IR measures Insulin Resistance in a patient and is the first and only test for determining Insulin Resistance that was developed and validated against the hyperinsulinemic euglycemic clamp, the gold standard for insulin sensitivity.

Quantose™ IR provides an easily understood score – based on a panel of non-glycemic biomarkers – that may be used to determine if a patient is insulin resistant, which may indicate a higher risk of Insulin Resistance-related conditions, such as Type 2 Diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and hypertension. It also enables physicians to monitor patient progress while working with patients to reverse insulin resistance and prevent prediabetes from becoming type 2 diabetes.

Quantose™ IGT identifies Impaired Glucose Tolerance with a single fasted blood draw by measuring a panel of biomarkers.

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